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VR2004 SCALE Video Text Inserter

If you need a solution for monitoring your scales with the weight information super imposed onto your video, then the VR2004 SCALE version will solve your problems. If you need to monitor your scales with both video and text overlay, we have a solution for you! Our new variant of the popular VR2004 for Point of Sale applications has been modified to provide simple reliable operation with scales that have RS232 Serial Outputs. Please call for any cabling questions that you may have.

The VR2004 has been used in truck weighing applications scrap metal recycling and even gold recycling applications. It can work with a wide variety of weighing equipment and scales. We currently support Mettler Toledo, Rice Lake Scales and any other equipment that can output a format compatible with Mettler Toledo and Rice Lake Weighing System such as Emery Winslow.
If you have any other requests for digital weighing scales or equipment or other digital scales that provide a RS232 Serial Output, then let us know and we can add them to our wish list of future supported formats.

See the Electronic Scales section on Compatibility Page

Truck Weighing Applications

Example Images

using the


Video Text Inserter

                  Center Weighing Applications

Truck Weighing Application   Recycling Weighing Application

Adding a VR2004 Video Text Inserter to your current scale and video system is easy and cost effective

Video Text Inserter Electronic Scale Interconnect
            Diagram Rice Lakes

Typical Video Text Inserter Installation Diagram

The diagram to the left shows a typical installation of the VR2004 Video Text Inserter. It works in line with a CCTV or Composite Video Camera. The unit can be connected using RS232 serial connection for reception of scale data. Other digital weighing scales and equipment can be supported as well.

The VR2004 Video Text Inserter for Scales is compatible with the Rice Lake scale Stream Output format.

The VR2004 works well for Recycling Centers for both small scales used for scrap metal and for large scales used for Truck Weighing Applications.

Low cost but high technology
The VR2004 uses satellite receiver technology for sharp, attractive, easy to record text.

Automatic sync detection and generation
When there is a valid video input to the text inserter, the OSD will be a B&W overlay on top of the input video. When there is no video input to the video text inserter,, a stable full screen OSD will be generated and the Alert character will be visible in the lower right of the screen.  Normal operation of serial port, parallel port and User Interface is possible without any input video.

Clean cabling design
The VR2004 has elegant loop through connections for serial data, parallel data and video. Inputs are on the top, outputs are on the bottom.
The VR2004 easily interfaces to the DB9 connectors used on electronic scales. Adapters are available for RJ45 connections. Special adapters may be needed also.

Flexible power supply options
Power from USB from a computer or a 9V wall transformer.

User Interface for simple setup
You do not need a computer or any special program to configure features. Just a small screwdriver or the tip of a pen and a television to monitor the video output. The User interface displays the format that is used by Rice Lake Weighing Systems.
Using one input switch you can:

Set serial data rate.

Status LED

The LED lights and blinks when serial text is inserted on the video.
A slow toggling indicates the unit is operating.

Small metallic enclosure with tough powder paint
The approximately 6.25 by 4 by 2 inch enclosure is easy to locate near the electronic scale or DVR.

FCC class B compliant
Tested and found to comply with both industrial class A limits and the more stringent residential class B limits.

Compatible Scales
See the Electronic Scales section on Compatibility Page

Supported for your success.

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