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Video Text Inserter Kits for Ruby POS using All Journal Printer (Any Journal Printer)

Our kits are put to together to provide the easiest setup in the industry. This kit provides the VR2004 Text Inserter and accessories needed for standard setups and also instructions on how to setup the system and video text inserter. It includes everything needed for installation EXCEPT a long CAT5 cable of the appropriate length to run from wherever your POS terminal is to wherever your DVR is.  If you have any other combinations please give us a call!

If your question is, "Do you have a text inserter for a Ruby Super System (/Topaz) terminal with a Verifone 950 Journal Printer, Seiko E247 printer, Citizen 3200, ESCO 3200 or V153 printer?"
Of if your question is, "Do you have a text inserter for a Ruby 2 or Ruby CI or a Topaz with Commander?"
Our answer is Yes to both. You want our KIT_VR2004_RUBY_All JOURNAL

Kit for Ruby (/Topaz) / Sapphire /Commander with Seiko, Verifone, ESCO or virtual printer interface (aka, Virtual Journal) and Ruby 2 and Ruby CI terminals too!


New VR100IP Text Inserter for Network CCTV: KIT_VR100IP_RUBY_ALL_JOURNAL

Works with the all journal printers by splitting the RJ45 connection or connected to the Ruby / Topaz Terminal on a COM port set as a "Virtual Printer Interface" or in later models what Verifone calls a DVR interface.

The owner of the cash register must provide Verifone technical support if required. Example: to set the journal printer not only for pump transaction data but also in store transactions.

Suggested Install Sequence, if no Journal Printer:
  1. Before the Verifone technician sets up the terminal for a virtual journal, order and install the VR2004 Text Inserter kit. Install splitting data from the SEIKO DPU-E247 or from the RP300 receipt printer. (Set the Text inserter bps same as the RP300).
  2. When the Verifone technician sets up the virtual journal printer/ DVR Interface, then move the cable from the splitter at the printer and connect to the terminal COM port.
  3. Set the Text Inserter serial bps as required. Make sure it works before the technician leaves.
  4. For Commander, or Ruby2/RubyCI configurations change the VR2004 / VR100IP for SYSTEM TYPE: COMMANDER
Text Inserter kit for Ruby, Topaz or
                          Saphire interface as journal printer
VR2004 Kit Items Included
  1. VR2004 Text Inserter
  2. Wall Transformer
  3. RJ45 splitter
  4. Two CAT5 cables.
  5. RJ45 to DB9 adapter
  8. RCA Cable 3 FT.

Installing the Text Inserter

on a Journal Printer

Install sheet, Text Inserter kit for
                          Ruby, Topaz or Saphire interface as journal

Ruby Kit Application Requirements: Works with these Verifone Terminal System Configurations.
For terminals with no journal printer.

Set the terminal for a  " Virtual  Printer Interface" for Ruby or for "DVR Interface" for Topaz.
Refer your Verifone value added reseller to Field Service Bulletin
Number: 1007-001.
Title: Virtual Printer Interface for Security Camera Connectivity.

This bulletin contains detailed instructions for both Ruby and Topaz.

If the installation has a Sapphire server the installer must add a Verifone Bravo card if one is not already in the Sapphire. When in doubt, ask your Verifone technician for the requirements for your system's configuration.

Most Common,
Ruby /Topaz Journal Printers directly on terminal

Verifone 950 journal

Verifone TMU-950
also know as ETM950U
Dual journal receipt

Verifone journal
                              printer ESCO3200

"Thermal Printer"
ESCO 3200
Citizen 3200 or Citizen 2000
Electronic journal and receipt

Verifone journal
                              printer V153E

Verifone V153E
also marked
55557-01R Impact Journal Printer (P540)

Journal only printer. Often used with RP300 receipt only printer.

Least Common,
Journal Printers on the Sapphire server
Sapphire journal printer model Seiko
Seiko DPU-E247

Note, the Journal data from the Sapphire server is batched and appears only at the end of the transaction. It is not as friendly for loss prevention as real time data.

Our advise: Start with the text inserter connected on data from the Sapphire journal printer and then have your Veifone technician setup a COM port on your Ruby Terminal to be a "Virtual Journal Printer" on the next visit to your store. Refer the technician to the service bulletin on the left column of this table.

Purchase the text inserter now and have it connected and working off of the Sapphire Journal data so that when the Verifone technician comes to set up the Ruby all you have to do is move the cable to the Ruby COM port. You can check that it is all working before the Verifone technician leaves.
New in 2014, terminals with the Commander server-pump controller.
And in 2015 Ruby 2 (touch screen) and Ruby CI (touch screen and Commander Included) terminals.

The owner of the terminal must ask your Verifone value added reseller to configure a COM port on the Point of Sale terminal for "real time" in store transaction data and to set the Commander for serial data or both (not multi-cast, which is multi-cast only). Reboot, resave and reboot the terminal and Commander as necessary. It may take more than one reboot. Refer the Verifone value added reseller to Field Service Bulletin 0205-002.

Commnader Setup for Text Insertion
Refer to this page in the Commander User Reference Base 38.

With VR2004 software Version 1.60 or latter, set the VR2004 for:

VR2004 Download V1.60
This configuration suppresses the bulky and not very useful lead in date and time on each transaction record.

Troubleshooting for no signal on COM port?

Call Verifone and refer to cases #150915-8903, #150915-10042, #160321-4187, #160504-15139, #160624-55860 and ?#170205-17568?.

You can also split the serial signal on the Ruby2/RubyCI pole display to the text inserter.  This works only for COM port pole display. DO NOT CONNECT TO A GEMBUS POLE DISPLAY.

Note: To test, you can connect to a receipt ONLY printer (RP300 for example) as an initial install of the VR2004, or as a test.  The RP300 receipt printer may be set for 38400 bps so if you want to test the text inserter and cable connections with receipt printer data, adjust the BSP accordingly and if necessary use short cable.

HOWEVER, Text Insertion of receipt printer data is not desirable. If there is no Journal Printer, the owner of the cash register must setup a "Virtual Printer Interface". See above.

Verifone RP300 Receipt Printer

Sample images and a Sample Video
Actual Inserterd
                  Text on Video from a Ruby(TM) terminal  Ruby Kit,
                  Text Inserter, Saphire, Topaz Ruby
                  Verifone Video

Video showing VR2004 suppressing annoying Date Time and ID number in Commander data.

Legacy kits for reference: KIT_VR2004_RUBY_SEIKO,   KIT_VR2004_RUBY_JOURNAL and KIT_VR2004_RUBY_GEMBUS

There will be a 15% restock fee for incorrect orders, so please check your application before you order.
These kits contain the items you typically need to interface to the cash register or POS system for which the kits are designed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check for acceptable placement of the Text Inserter with the power supply, and cable(s) provided and to adapt cables or provide cables of unusual length for their particular application.  
In addition to the price noted the shopping cart will add a Shipping & Handling fee good only for shipping to the lower 48 states, UPS ground.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and outside the United States is extra so please call. We do not ship to a PO Box. No COD. Orders accepted subject to product availability. Orders are general accepted M-F except holidays. Orders received after 12:00 Eastern Time generally ship the next day.

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