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Video Text Inserter Kits for MICROS with MINI-DIN or DB9 Pole Display

These kits are put to together to provide the easiest setup in the industry. In addition to the MINI-DIN4 splitter requited for the some MICROS pole displays, we provide the accessories needed for standard setups and also instructions on how to setup the POS system and the video text inserter. All you typically need to add is a CAT5 cable of the appropriate length. If for some reason you have any difficulties, please give us a call!


Below are shown the two types of customer displays used on MICROS POS systems. You may also have no customer display.

                  2x20 Character Display

MICROS Graphics Display


2 x 20 Character Display with serial port interface.
Ideal for Text Insertion
Continue below!

Graphics Display with interface and data which are incompatible with Text Insertion.

If loss prevention is important, the end user will remove this display or remove and replace this with a display like the one at the left.

If your terminal has no customer display, determine which serial port type on your terminal will support a 2x20 character customer display, as explained below. Then purchase the appropriate kit for that type of port.  You will not need to use the splitter cable in either kit, but save it for if you ever decide to add a customer display in the future.


For MICROS POS terminals there are two serial port solutions. Check your hardware, your software and read the kit details below before ordering. As always, give us a call if we can help.


DB9 ConnectorOne solution is where the hardware has an industry standard DB9 Male serial port AND the store owner has the MICROS technical support configure the POS software for a 2 x 20, IEE command set, customer pole display. In this case the solution is to use our standard IEE pole display kit at this LINK.


MICROS MINI DIN 4 Serial Port.
          Connect Text Inserter here.The second solution is where the customer display serial port on the hardware is a nonstandard MINI-DIN 4 connector.  In this case the solution is to use our MICROS MINI-DIN kit, shown immediately below. This kit includes a proprietary MINI-DIN 4 adapter.

Examples of Location of MINI-DIN 4 Port for Customer Display (also called Pole Display)

Each of the pictures shows the back of a different type of MICROS terminal
Click on the thumbnail of each for a larger view.
    Connections KWS4 Pole Display     Connections WS4 Pole Display    Connections WS4 Pole Display

MICROS POS which supports Mini-Din Connector 2x20 Character Pole Display  

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Items in the kit:

MINI-DIN splitter, MINI-DIN Cable, MIN-DIN to RS232 LVL Shifter, (and shown together) two RJ45/DB9 adapters, Text Inserter, Wall Transformer and two RCA-BNC adapters with RCA cable.
S-Video Splitter   MINI DIN Cable for connection of Text
                              Inserter to MICROS POS.   DB9 View of MICROS pole display
                              adapter to RS232.  Cable Adapter and Text Inserter kit
                              for interface as an MICROS WS4 often used
                              with 3700.
Application Note for setup of Micros
                              WS4 for Pole Display
Application Note: Setup
for 2x20 customer pole display.
Installation sheet
                              for Text Inserter for MICROS WS4 (cable
                              with IEE KIT)
Install Sheet

Kit Application Requirements: Items Included

Works with any MICROS POS system which supports a MINI-DIN 4, 2x20 Customer display.

NOTE: The end user must be responsible for any and all MICROS technical support.
If there is no customer display, we advise the end user have their POS technical support persons set up the 2x20 customer display port before ordering.

  1. Text Inserter set for optimum display of MICROS pole display data.
  2. Wall Transformer
  3. Two RJ45 to DB9
  6. RCA Cable 3 FT
  7. Level shifter assembly MINI_DIN to DB9 with MINI-DIN4 cable.
  8. MINI_DIN_4 Splitter cable

There will be a 15% restock fee for incorrect orders, so please check your application before you order.
These kits contain the items you typically need to interface to the cash register or POS system for which the kits are designed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check for acceptable placement of the Text Inserter with the power supply, and cable(s) provided and to adapt cables or provide cables of unusual length for their particular application.  
In addition to the price noted the shopping cart will add a Shipping & Handling fee good only for shipping to the lower 48 states, UPS ground.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and outside the United States is extra so please call. We do not ship to a PO Box. No COD. Orders accepted subject to product availability. Orders are general accepted M-F except holidays. Orders received after 12:00 Eastern Time generally ship the next day.

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