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Video Text Inserter Kits for Nucleus Surveillance Interface

This kit is our most universal solution for the Nucleus terminal. However, the terminal owner must set up the teriminal for a serial port "Surveillance Interface". This kit has been installed on Nucleus POS running both IBM and Fujitsu hardware. It is the only solution for Fujitsu hardware.

For some situations with IBM hardware, splitting the data from a pole display is an easier solution. There is a mix of DB15 and DB9 serial port pole displays in the field so the installer is advised to visit each terminal and determine the exact serial port connector type before ordering. Either the DB15 PD (Pole Display Kit)*  or a DB9 Pole Display Kit (Logic Controls) may be just what you need.

Nucleus on Surveillance Interface, VR2004 Text Inserter Kit

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This VR2004 Text Inserter kit, works with Nucleus Surveillance Interface on a DB9 serial port. 

                      Text Inserter on Nucles Survellance Interface
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Actual Image of
Nucleus Surveillance
transaction data.
Nucles Survellance Interface Kit
Install Sheet, Nucleus Survellance
                            kiit, Text Inserter

KIT_Nucleus_Surveillance Application Requirements: Items Included

NOTE: The terminal owner is responsible for providing any tech support for configuring their terminal for a DB9 serial port as required for the Nucleus Surveillance Interface

On some terminals, the owner must add an Edgeport brand USB to serial port adapter. The owner should contact the Nucleus sales and support persons and ask them for help complying with this requirement.

Note the Text Inserter expects port set for 9600 bps, 8 Data, 1 Stop, Parity NONE, Flow control OFF.

  1. Text Inserter
  2. Wall Transformer
  3. RJ45 to DB9F
  4. RJ45 to DB9M
  7. RCA Cable 3 FT.

* The
DB15 PD (Pole Display Kit) kit replaces the the Dresser Wayne Nucleus for DB15

There will be a 15% restock fee for incorrect orders, so please check your application before you order.
These kits contain the items you typically need to interface to the cash register or POS system for which the kits are designed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check for acceptable placement of the Text Inserter with the power supply, and cable(s) provided and to adapt cables or provide cables of unusual length for their particular application.  
In addition to the price noted the shopping cart will add a Shipping & Handling fee good only for shipping to the lower 48 states, UPS ground.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and outside the United States is extra so please call. We do not ship to a PO Box. No COD. Orders accepted subject to product availability. Orders are general accepted M-F except holidays. Orders received after 12:00 Eastern Time generally ship the next day.

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