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Video Text Inserter Kits for Casio

This kit is for Casio cash registers Works with most Casio cash registers or Point of Sale Systems that support what Casio calls a "Surveillance Interface". Can also be used with interface set for kitchen printer or remote or customer display.

These kits are put to together to provide the easiest setup in the industry. Except for long straight through CAT5 (Ethernet) cables, this kit provide all the cables and accessories needed for standard setups and also instructions on how to setup the system and video text inserter. If for some reason you have any difficulties, please give us a call!

Casio Kit

VR100IP KIT for Casio use: VR100IP_DB9_Journal
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Supported models:
TE-2400*, TK-3200, TE-4500, QT-6000**, QT-6600, TE-7000***
TE-8500*** and BT-9100

*Note for TE-2400:
Some settings can cause slow printing of internal receipt printer.  One customer suggests using Macros, set serial port as receipt printer. Send a copy to the internal printer. The owner of the register may have to pay a Casio technician for this programming help.

**Note for QT-6000 Series:
The store owner or IT support for the register must check that the Surveillance or DVR option is available and upgrade software if necessary.  (Check the PGM3-->Machine Features-->I/O Parameters, for the Surveillance or DVR options.)

***Note for TE-7000, TE-8000 Series: Set serial port for Remote Customer Display. See the set up notes below for the TE-7000 models for details.

Casio set up notes written by VRX Company:

  1. How To Configure Casio TE-7000 for Remote Display
  2. How To Configure Casio QT-5000 for Pole Display

Text Inserter, Casio cash registers.
                            Models: TE-2400, TE-2400, TK-3200, QT-6000
Items in VR2004 kit.
                            Inserter, Casio cash registers. Models:
                            TE-2400, TK-3200, QT-6000
Installation instructions VR2004.
Casio Kit Application Requirements: Items Included
NOTE: The cash register must have an available serial port which must be configured by the cash register owner as a surveillance interface, journal printer or remote display.
  1. Text Inserter setup for surveillance interface.
  2. Wall Transformer
  3. Handshake adapter
  4. RJ45 to DB9F
  5. RJ45 to DB9M
  8. RCA Cable 3 FT.

There will be a 15% restock fee for incorrect orders, so please check your application before you order.
These kits contain the items you typically need to interface to the cash register or POS system for which the kits are designed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check for acceptable placement of the Text Inserter with the power supply, and cable(s) provided and to adapt cables or provide cables of unusual length for their particular application.  
In addition to the price noted the shopping cart will add a Shipping & Handling fee good only for shipping to the lower 48 states, UPS ground.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and outside the United States is extra so please call. We do not ship to a PO Box. No COD. Orders accepted subject to product availability. Orders are general accepted M-F except holidays. Orders received after 12:00 Eastern Time generally ship the next day.

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