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VR2004 POS (Point of Sale) Testimonials

Real world stories of loss prevention.

I love the system. Show Me in Missouri
"I love the system because when I watch the security system from home I know exactly what is purchased! I can look back anytime to see if the cashier is being honest. Well worth the money, other comparable systems are much higher. Thanks."
-Jeralyn Goodman
Owner, Stateline Truckstop
21761 Hwy 67S, Neelyville MO 63954

POS to DVR Solution in North Carolina.
"I just wanted to let you know that you were the first out of 6 others to help me fix my POS problem! You have a knowledge level and understanding that is unmatched in the POS industry. And I really appreciate that you took all the time necessary to explain what was really going on with the Verifone Ruby printer output and custom made an adapter that fixed my communication error between the POS and DVR, THANK YOU!!  "
-Marv Dorn
   Raleigh, NC
   American Camera Consultants
   Contact us at:

Went Well in Wisconsin.
"Great customer service and the install went well. I appreciated the advice on the compatible, low cost cash register."
-John Law
    Chetek Bowling and Billiards and Mad Jack's Pizza Shack.

Stopping Loss in Texas.
"...the installation was easy – the customer was able to figure out what the cashier was doing and promptly fired her with a police escort from the building - after showing the officer the video."
-Mike Roberts

              DemoInstalling A Text Inserter at JaksBar South Beloit Il.
In addition to my metal finishing company, I own JAKS Bar. I wanted something to discourage unauthorized discounts on our food and liquor. We used spotters for two weeks and learned that we were losing about $300.00 per week. So, I got on the AOL search engine, and searched for "text inserter". I found and called the VRX Company. Mr. Erickson answered and explained how we would connect the Text Inserter to our POS system and our DVR and we figured out the accessories our installation would need. I asked for an invoice to order two units and accessories and when Mr. Erickson heard our address was in South Beliot he said, "Oh, I will be driving past you during the holidays. May I stop in?" I said yes. We got the shipment and, sure enough, shortly after the new year, he called and asked how we were doing. I said we were just installing the first unit and he stopped in to see. He tested our RS232 and CAT5 data connections and then helped us get the POS system setup for the required pole display interface. Bang! There was the data on my DVR's monitor. I have let all my employees know the Text Inserter is recording their activity on the POS to discourage any fudging. I thank the VRX Company for the Text Inserter and Mr. Erickson for stopping in all the way from Tennessee.

Tom Lyne,
    Owner, JAKS Bar
    723 South Park Ave. South Beloite, IL 61115
    Visit us at:

Deterring loss at Rite Stop #3.
An acquaintance of mine approached me about a product he and a friend were developing to deter loss at the point of sale in a convenience store such as mine.  He described the product as a device which embeds the pole display information from the cash register (or the information from a receipt printer) into my security camera video as big bold text.  I was interested and told him I thought others would be too.  Several months later when he had a working prototype we installed it into my primary cash register at my convenience store.  The device, the VR2003, inserts text on to the security camera video covering the register station which is easily readable even after recording.  With the wide field of view I need for the security camera to cover the entire register station there is no way you can read the actual pole display in the recorded video.  But with the VR2003 the entire transaction becomes visible.  My employees know it too.  This added visibility of the transaction to the register station captured on video will deter losses and encourage employees to remain honest at the cash register.
I have had the VR2003 running in my store now for over a year, and am very pleased with it's performance and am happy to have purchased the first one from the VRX Company.  You can contact the VRX Company by phone at 86675-543-8398 or email.  

Mike Sentell,
    Owner of Rite Stop #3
    2972 Calderwood Highway, Maryville, TN 37801

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