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VR2003 & VR2004 POS (Point of Sale) Manuals and Application Notes

I.    VR100IP User Manual

  1. VR100IP User Manual Version 1. An explanation of the GUI of the VR100IP.

II.    VR2004 User Manuals

  1. VR2004 POS User Manual 1.1 for model VR2004A
  2. VR2004 POS User Manual 2.0 for model VR2004E with CE and RoHS statement
  3. VR2004 Programmer Reference
  4. Connections for the ALARM2TEXT© model.
  5. VR2004 Jumper Positions What they do and setting the jumpers appropriately.
  6. VRXLoader software Instructions for using the VRXLoader when upgrading firmware in the VR2004.
  7. Field fix for phantom characters, the "GEMBUS' bug. This bug affects V1.30 LIB to 1.44 LIB. The Point of Sale software.
  8. Using the LED To Test Connection. This video shows how the LED indicates that the VR2004 is waiting for but not receiving data and then what happens when there is data. A video is worth a thousand words.  VIDEO LINK

III.    Text Inserter Application Notes

  1. How To Capture Serial Port Data Using PC  Vista and Windows 7 user: down load Realterm here.
  2. Connection to Serial Journal Printer with the Tri-Port Adapter.
  3. Connection to Text Inserter, Loop Through or DB9 Splitter.
  4. Common Installer Questions
  5. Using the POS2DVR_TX for connection from a POS or the VR2004 Serial Output into a serial input of a DVR.
  6. Converting a VR2004 from GSITE application to PASSPORT pole display application.
IIII.    Adapter for MICROS Pole Display
Use for WS4 and MICROS POS with similar Mini-Din Pole Display. Active adapter to convert the Mini-Din pole display connector to DB9 RS232.
  1. Micros Adapter Cable Assembly  Application_Note_Micros.pdf
  2. Future Notes
V.    Files for Quick Test of Cabling.
Utilities to tests the TX, CTS/RTS flow control and the DTR/DSR flow control connections. These files let you confirm the connectivity of the COM1 port cabling with out depending on a POS system or Electronic Scale. They are good for figuring out why a system is not communicating with a Text Inserter.
  1. Down load the compressed file VRX_COM_TEST.zip (or this file for IEE / Passport pole displays DEMO)
  2. Save to a folder on your C Driver or a folder on the desktop.
  3. Uncompress the file.
  4. Read the VRX COM TEST Read_Me.txt file for instructions.

VI.    How to Set Up Cash Register and POS for Text Inserter

  1. How To Configure AdvancePOS ME for Pole Display
  2. How To Configure Aldelo for Pole Display
  3. How To Configure Casio TE-7000 for Remote Display
  4. How To Configure Casio QT-5000 for Pole Display
  5. How To Configure Counter Point for Pole Display
  6. How To Configure Corner Store for Pole Display
  7. How To Configure DacEasy Point of Sale for Pole Display
  8. How To Configure FPOS (Future POS) for Pole Display
  9. How To Configure Passport to turn off scrolling banners for ALL LINE display mode.
  10. How To Configure PCAmerica Cash Register Express and Restraunt Manager Express for Use With a VR2004 via the DVR Interface
  11. How To Configure PCAmerica Cash Register Express and Restraunt Manager Express for Use With a VR2004 via the Serial Pole Display Interface
  12. How To Configure Penny Lane for Pole Display
  13. How To Configure QuickBooks Point of Sale for Pole Display
  14. How To Configure Restaurant Manager (by ASI) for Video Overlay Interface
  15. How To Configure SAM4S ER-5215M for Journal Printer
  16. Setup key board instructions to configure SAM4S ER-5200M - 5240M serial ports.
  17. Presentation on Setup for SAM4s ER-650 for Journal Printer
  18. Setup Notes on SAM4s SPS500 for Journal Printer
  19. Setup Notes on Application_Note_VersiTouich_Setup

VII.    VR2003/VR2004 POS Interconnect Diagrams

Sam4 Cash Register Configuration with Handshake Adapter.
The connections for most Journal Printers are similar to this diagram.

VIII.    Video Server E
  1. Setup of Video Server  For remote log in of demo DVR.
  2. Down load Video Server E

VIIII.    VR2003 User Manuals
  1. VR2003 POS User Manual
  2. VR2003 POS User Interface Supplement Versions 1.10-1.14
  3. VR2003 POS User Interface Supplement Versions 1.15-1.21
  4. VR2003 POS User Interface Supplement Versions 1.22-
  5. How To Configure VR2003 for POSitive for Windows for Pole Display

X.    VR2003 Application Notes

  1. How To Change the Controller Chip

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