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Expand your DVR POS compatibility and sales using a VR2004 for Parallel to Serial Conversion or Serial Data Reformatting (and Video Text Insertion)

Your problem: You have a DVR/NVR with a Point of Sale interface but you are not able to get good data from your customer's terminal / cash register. Tech support is out of Asia and they can't or won't help you.  VRX Company can solve your interface issue and lead you to Loss Prevention Success!

For loss prevention you want to interface to POS data as a Real Time Journal Printer, a customer pole display, an unbuffered receipt or a regular receipt in this order of preference. The availability of this data is dependent on the Point Of Sale system alone.

Many Point of Sale systems are so locked down by a controlling franchisor that all you can do is try to capture data from a customer display (if you can even get to the connector to split the data) or a receipt printer. Real time data from a customer display is probably best, but if there is no display or you can not get to the connector to split the data, then the receipt printer your choice as it is better than being completely blind. For parallel printers data splitting this is not something a simple splitter cable can do. The VR2004 Text Inserter can interface to parallel port printers and capture and convert the transaction data to serial for easy interface to a DVR.

More generally, you might be trying to interface with a printer or a customer pole display. Both can have serial or parallel data or even USB interfaces.  USB interfaces cannot be split so replace any USB printer or pole display with another interface type - preferably serial.

Printer & Pole Display Interface Identification

Check Printer Interface
Check Customer Display (Pole Display) interface

Parallel to Serial Conversion and Serial Data Reformatting

Some DVRs support an integrated POS interface. However it may not have compatibility with your customer's POS system. The VR2004 Video Text Inserter can be used to convert the input format from our extensively supported list of Cash Registers and POS system to the native DVR format. This application uses the same VR2004 POS system for video overlay with a combination of cabling adapters for the DVR interface

Example images using WebEyeAlert DVR

DVR WITHOUT VR2004 Conversion Pole Display
DVR WITH VR2004 Conversion Pole Display
video without
                text inserter video with
                text inserter
With out processing by the POS2DVR version of our Text Inserter, each line of the inserted text above has the pole display command instructions "!#1" or "!#2" on the start of every line.
After processing by our Text Inserter the data is inserted by the DVR free of the pole display commands.

Text Insertion raw example: GSITE POS

Text Insertion after processing for GSITE POS

With out processing by the POS2DVR version of our Text Inserter, advertisement messages clutter the video.
After processing by our Text Inserter to suppress  the advertisement, the data inserts by the DVR is of only the transaction.

Adding a VR2004 Video Text Inserter to your DVR is easy

Video Text Inserter Connection Diagram DVR

Typical Video Text Inserter Installation Diagram for DVR

The diagram to the left shows a typical installation of the VR2004 Video Text Inserter when used with a DVR system that has a POS interface. The VR2004 can translate and filter extraneous control codes from the POS system or Cash Register to provide additional compatibility to DVR systems that have at least one POS interface.

The VR2004 Video Text Inserter can also work with DVR systems that do not have any POS support by running the video thru the VR2004 Video Text Inserter and then into the DVR. It works inline with a CCTV or Composite Video Camera.

The VR2004 Video Text Inserter is compatible with most POS systems that have a serial Port for a Pole Display or Receipt Printer. It is also compatible with most Cash Registers that have a RS232 serial port for external devices such as a Pole Display Display or Receipt Printer, such as a Samsung, or SAM4s, ER-650.

User configurable options make the Video Text Inserter unit flexible for multiple configurations of POS Systems without having to load additional software or changing chips.

DVR Systems where VR2004 Has Saved the Day!



                      Eye Alert DVRs or webeyealert

WebEyeAlert allows for a generic POS integration option. This option can be expanded easily by using a VR2004 Video Text Inserter and a DVR adapter connected between the VR2004 and the WebEyeAlert DVR. The Serial Input from the POS System can be tapped off using a serial port tap connection. Click Here for More Information.

EyeMax DVR

EyeMax DVRs

EyeMax DVRs provide DVR cards that plug into a PC chassis or standalone units. Click Here for More Information

Dedicated Micros DVR

Dedicated Micros DVR

Dedicated Micros DVRs provide DVR cards that plug into a PC chassis or standalone units. They provide units from Economy to Enterprise Edition DVRs. Click Here for More Information
Talon DVR Talon DVR
Most all Other DVRs The VR2004 is designed to be compatible with most all other DVRs, the units listed above have been verified to work with the VR2004.


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