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Tech Support for VRX Products

When you buy from VRX Company Inc. you are not on your own. We are in the Eastern time zone and prefer to do tech support between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. However, with some advanced notice, we will try to accommodate your schedule too. Please have your invoice number available to help us find our records about your purchase so as to faster serve you. If you do not have the invoice handy, please have your product model number-serial Number and software version available.
For the VR2004, You can find model number on the bottom label. The software version of your Text Inserter can be displayed by briefly pressing SW1. Power cycle to return to normal operation.
For the VR100IP the software version is found using the GUI on the Help page.

Tech Support for Other Vendor's Products

With our extensive experience interfacing to POS we may be able to help you interface our competitors products. Of course we need to charge for this service. Visit our Services page for more information.


Use our contact form or if you prefer request by email, you may send it to support@vrxinc.com

You may also find helpful information at our FAQ page and our POS Manuals page. There you will find both user manuals and applications notes.

If you have a problem, please tell us. If everything is going well, please tell everyone else.

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