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VR100IP Video Text Inserter for IP Video Camera

VR100IP Text Inserter for IP Video Camera. Use with POS,
            Scale and more.World's First stand alone, IP Text Inserter!

If your surveillance has gone HD, now your text insertion can go HD too!

Implemented in a small form factor PC with an i7 processor, the VR100IP network camera text inserter supports common resolutions such as 480P, 720P, 1080P and has been demonstrated on cameras up to 2048x1536. Supports streaming over RTSP and HTTP with video encoding of MJPG and H.264. POS interface can be serial data input or IP.

Function Summary:

There are two inputs the the VR100IP Text Inserter, character data and network camera video. The VR100IP pulls a video stream from a network camera (also known as IP camera) and then insertes text (the character data) into the video and then streams which can be requested by NVRs (Network Video Recorders). There is one output, streaming network video. Although the VR100IP has no lens and has no image sensor, the NVR gets streaming video from the VR100IP as if it were a camera on the network.

Easy for Security Professionals

BUY NOW! Network Camera Text Inserter Kits by POS Type
Easy to install kits for the busy security professional. If you can make a CAT5 cable, most of our kits provide everything else you need with the Text Inserter.  Kit types for: Ruby/Topaz, Gilbarco G-SITE, Gilbarco Passport, SAM4s Cash Registers, Dresser Wayne MSI and Nucleus, Subway Subshop 2000, and for POS compatible with serial port pole displays such as Logic Controls, IEE, Epson, Ultimate Tech, POSIFLEX and others.

Flyer: VR100IP Video Text Inserter for IP Video.

Is My Network (IP) Camera / NVR Compatible?

Jump below to Cameras, and NVR (VMS) Confirmed Compatibility* list:

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Benefit to Retailer (End User)

For the retail store owner we focus our solution on real time transaction data. Typically from a pole display or journal printer, the data is inserted when the cashiers fingers touch the POS. Our IP Text Inserter features adjustable character size. This text can be so small you can tuck it in a corner of the video or so big it practically shouts. It can set up to match the data from the Point of Sale (electronic cash register) like a 2x20 customer pole display or a 40 character wide receipt/journal printer. White character with a black outline can be read even if your camera points to a window. Through a window come the most extreme images, the black of night and light of day.  This text is inserted into the camera video for unalterable recording by an NVR.  There is no faking this evidence after the fact.  This evidence will enable the retailer to get dramatic reductions of shrinkage and theft and help again during litigation to recover losses.   Our customers say "I can't imagine any business not having these!"

How is IP Different from Standard CCTV?

Screen Shot showing 720P versus 480i

Side by side video showing text insertion on
                      720P versus 480i

Standard CCTV has 480 lines of video interlaced for NTSC and 576 for PAL. NTSC is commonly digitizes at 720x480 pixels or even sub sampled at 352 x 240 (PAL countries use 352 x 288). IP allows much higher pixel count.

Common IP resolutions are 720P and 1080P with 1280x720 and 1920x1080 respectively.

See this sample video showing side by side text insertion on 720P versus 480i. ======>

Example: IP Video Text Inserter

Be sure to set your Youtube for 1080P to view this video. See how LINK

Extensive Solutions

Check our ever growing compatibility list for your POS and Scales types.
We have a versatile selection of cabling options and the accessories you need for your installation.
We have on line user manuals and application notes to familiarize you with the Text Inserter installation process.

Video Text Inserter Optimized for Common and Niche Applications

Point of Sale (POS)

This text inserter with software for interface to pole display or journal printers on electronic cash registers and Point of Sale systems.

Electronic Scale Version (SCALE)

Used in metal recycling and waist management so that there is a record to settle disputes.


Use text insertion with toll booths, radiation meters, scales, GPS, PLCs and other serial measurement systems.


Network (IP) Cameras, and NVR (VMS) Confirmed Compatibility* List:

General requirement: Camera and DVR/NVR must have H.264 codec and ONVIF camera discovery protocol.
Network (IP) Camera
Network Video Recorder or Video Management System (NVR / VMS)


Manufacturer and Model and some Application Notes.

  • AXIS: M114, HDTV 720p/1 megapixel resolution at full frame rate.
  • Dahua: IPC-HDW2100, 1.3MP Megapixel 720P HD. VRX(Application Note LINK)
  • Dahua: IPC-HDB4300CN-0280B, 3M Megapixel 2.8mm Wide Angle Lens 1080P. (Text insertion at up to 2048 x 1536!) ( VRXApplication Note LINK)
  • EasternCCTV: IP-IRD3E02-G-3.6mm-2  3 Mega Pixels, 3.6mm Fixed Lens. (VRX Application Note: LINK)
  • FLIR: N133BD, 2.1MP Mini IR Bullet IP Camera
  • FLIR: N133ED, 2.1MP HD Outdoor IR Network Dome Camera
  • GW Security: HD_IPC445E16, Network Dome Camera
  • GW Security: KDT-HD19RC80-EP, 2.0 Mp CMOS HD Network Dome Camera
  • HIKVISION: DS-2CD2132F-IS, 3MP Network Mini Dome Camera (Text insertion at up to 2048 x 1536!)
  • Sectec: ST-IP716M-2.2M (VRX Application Note LINK)
  • Vivotek: IP8362, Bullet 2MP 1080p

Manufacturer and Model and some Application Notes.

Other Application Notes Mobile Applications Users Have Found to Work

Networking Notes
  • Port Forward Router Setup Example: NETGEAR ProSafe FVS336G (VRX Application Note LINK)
  • The VR100IP identifies on the network as an ONVIF IP camera. Learn about the benefit of ONVIF.

Port forwarding of the VR100IP video output stream will be required for viewing outside your LAN.
  • tinyCam Monitor for Android  LINK
  •  RTSP Player By Video Experts Group LINK

*Compatibility is claimed if the VR100IP inserts text on network camera video that the DVR/NVR/VMS can record to make a record of what the cashier is doing at the Point of sale. Full function of manufacturer proprietary camera and NVR features cannot be guaranteed.

Important: Camera/NVR Setup: Because many network configurations and setup parameters exist, the store owner, or the installer may need to change network topology, router setup and both camera and NVR settings for compatibility.
Example 1: Installer may need to add a switch to make extra ports for the IP Text Inserter on the same network as the cameras.
Example 2: Installer may need to move a camera from the private network of a DVR to the LAN switch and connect the IP Text Inserter to that same LAN.

If your favorite Network (IP) camera / NVR is not on this list, please give us a call .

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