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Text Inserter for Standard Definition Analog Video

Notice: The VR2004 has gone end of life.
This information remains for reference only.

VRX Company Text Inserter
            for POS, Scale and GPS

VR2004 Video Text Inserter for Standard Definition (NTSC 480i or PAL 576i)

Developed and supported by VRX for your success.

The VR2004 is the heart of our technology and expertise. We can also provide ECRs (electronic cash registers) with excellent reporting compatible to get the most value with text insertion. We provide DVRs (digital video recorders) with search features that work with our Text Inserter alarm feature. Search the alarms to find the cash register events most often associated with fraud.

Easy for Security Professional

Preconfigured Kits New!
Easy to install kits for the busy security professional. If you can make a CAT5 cable, most of our kits provide everything you need with the Text Inserter.  These kits include versions for Ruby, Gilbarco G-SITE, Gilbarco Passport, SAM4s Cash Registers, Dresser Wayne MSI and Nucleus, Subway Subshop 2000, and for pole displays such as Logic Controls, IEE, Epson, Ultimate Tech, POSIFLEX and others.

Benefit to Retailer (End User)

For the retail store owner we focus our solution on real time transaction data. Typically from a pole display or journal printer, the data is inserted when the cashiers fingers touch the POS. Our text features big, easy to read characters, just like a 20 character pole display. White character with a black outline can be read even if your camera points to a window. Through a window come the most extreme images, the black of night and light of day.  This text is inserted into the camera video for recording by a DVR.  There is no faking this evidence after the fact.  This evidence will enable the retailer to get dramatic reductions of shrinkage and theft and help again during litigation to recover losses.   Our customers say "I can't imagine any business not having these!"

Extensive Solutions

Check our ever growing compatibility list for your POS and Scales types.
We have a versatile selection of cabling options and the accessories you need for your installation.
We have on line user manuals and application notes to familiarize you with the Text Inserter installation process.

Video Text Inserter Optimized for Applications

Point of Sale (POS)

This text inserter with software for interface to pole display or journal printers on electronic cash registers and Point of Sale systems.

Interface to DVR (POS2DVR©)

Our extensive expertise interfacing to Point Of Sale systems and our hardware featuring both Serial In and Serial Out ports work together to reformat serial or parallel data from a Point Of Sale so that it is compatible with the text inserter input on our competitors high end DVRs. We fix the interface problems our competitors cannot. If your DVR POS input will not capture your customers POS, and you can not get support from the manufacturer, our POS2DVR© model can help.

Electronic Scale Version (SCALE)

Used in metal recycling and waist management so that there is a record to settle disputes.

Access Control (ALARM2TEXT©)

Monitor door switches or any relay output and insert a text message regarding the state of the monitored door or relay. User on door switches, alarm relays, moisture detectors, intrusion detectors, motion detectors or any logic level signal.


Use text insertion with radiation meters, scales, GPS, PLCs and other serial measurement systems.

Tech Support Service

Can't get support with your current Text Insertion vendor?  With our extensive experience interfacing to electronic cash registers and Point Of Sale system we may even be able to lead you to success with our competitors products.

VRX Company Text inserters for POS SCALES ATM SAFES and
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