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8/14/2017 VRX Company Inc. Announces the qualification of the VR100IP software on Intel i5 processor.
This brings the cost lower and preserves the same performance with text insertion demonstrated on 2048x1536 resolution video at 20 fps.
7/1/2016 VRX Company Inc. Announces: VR2004 Analog Text Inserter for 480i End of Life.
Due to the discontinuation (, and with out warning to us) of the video chip around which our product is designed, we can no longer manufacture the VR2004. We have sold out of new and refurbished stock of the VR2004. For ten years this was our principal product and we will miss it.
6/4/2015 VRX Company Inc. Announces: VR100IP World's first stand alone Text Inserter for Network (IP) camera systems!


Flyer: VR100IP Video Text Inserter for IP Video.

The VR100IP inserts text on network camera (aka IP camera) rtsp stream and then streams the modified video to NVRs (Network Video Recorders). If your surveillance has gone HD now your text insertion can too! A small form factor PC with an i7 processor. Text insertion supports resolutions 480P, 720P, and up to 1080P. Supports streaming over RTSP and HTTP with video encoding of MJPG and H.264. POS interface can be serial data input or IP.
11/4/13 VRX Company announces listing as Gilbarco Integrated Partner

  VRX Text
                    Inserter becomes listed as Gilbarco field certified
Listed in the "Security Camera" section of the November 2013 Passport® Partners & Peripherals, our text inserter products work with most third party DVRs.

Our VR2004 interfaces to the customer pole display on both G Site and Passport POS systems.
Our EJournal™ can also capture the Passport "Security Camera Interface" output. Search your transactions with a word processor not manually on a paper tape.
7/6/13 VRX Company announces Multi-License EJournal™, Press Release

EJournal™ Multi-License EJournal™ with multi-license

....allows business owners to save multiple electronic POS journals on their in-store computer.
11/16/10 VRX Company announces its new product, EJournal™, the journal printer eliminator.

EJournal™ is the EJournal™perfect solution for convenience stores, restaurants, and many other retailers who need the ongoing data a journal printer provides, but don't want the hassle and mess of a long daily paper tape and the difficulty of searching for specific transactions.

To see the EJournal™ section of our web site, click here. To see VRX's EJournal™ press release, click here.

10/21/09 - 10/23/09 VRX Company visits NACS / PEI show. We hope to see you at the evening mixers and exibits.
10/23/09 Overheard at President Bill Clinton's closing address at NACS / PEI. While speaking about the positive future he foresees in America he misspoke and conflated peace and prosperous to "Peaseperous".

VRX Company announces the new model ALARM2TEXT©.

VR2004 for ALARM2TEXT: Insertes text when on switch or realy closures.

Use on doors, windows and alarm relays.

VRX Company announces VR2004A Text Inserter for Systems PAL B/G. See KIT_VR2004A_PAL_BG

Text Iinserter PAL B/GSee video VR2004A for PAL System B/G: The image to the left is an actual video capture of Text Insertion on PAL B/G. The data is a captured file from a Casio TK3200 report.

VRX Company has developed the model VR2004A for television systems PAL B/G.

VRX Company would like marketing and distribution partners in nations using PAL B/G (or other PAL systems). If you have a strong marketing and distribution position in the Point Of Sale market you can contact us at sales@vrxinc.com

These systems are used in many parts of the world outside of North America.
World Map Television
                            Systems, NTSC, PAL SECAM.
Image credit, MAP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAL

VRX Company has developed an XML parser for our VR2004 Text Inserter.

XML inserterDemonstration of the new VR2004 for XML : XML code Inserted with out parsing on left. The parsed tags and properly inserted arguments on right.

The parser works on the data input on the VR2004 Serial Input. The Installer can selected XML Parser as one of the input devices for the DB9 port.
Select the XML Parser to obtain the benefits of XML. The features include SOT (start of transaction) which starts the insertion at the top of the screen, display of tagged information in fixed fields for Smarter Text Insertion of date, time, register number, transaction ID number and cashier name. The VR2004 suppresses XML tags and arguments not relevant for Text Insertion. Note: The VR2004 parser has been developed for the 29 XML tags found in the reports from Catapult POS by ERSOFT. If you have a Text Insertion opportunity for an XML interface, we can tailor an XML parser for your ECR at low cost.

VRX Company has developed compatibility with NCR pole displays.

VRX Company has filed for a non provisional Patent and has now received confirmation of our filing from the USPTO for our Area Trigger feature.

VRX Company has developed POS2DVR version for Dresser Wayne pole display interface to IMAX brand DVR.

VRX Company receives first VR2004 from contract manufacturer. The VR2004 will replace the VR2003 when the supply of  VR2003 is exhausted.

VRX Company deploys web page to promote expert installers and security experts who can assist in providing a complete security solution including Text Inserters.

VRX Company announces a new version of the VR2004 that works with Scales to provide Weight information overlaid on video. This version is compatible with Rice Lake Scales type outputs using RS232 protocol. Look for a new Product listing on our website soon. If you have an interest in this model please give us a call and we can discuss your application.

VRX Company announces availability of a Register Number Feature for Sharp UP-3000 systems. We have completed field testing with our first customer for our Register Number Feature. This feature works with a serial journal printer. Several text inserters can monitor the journal printer data for sales information. The text inserter can enable and disable insertion by register number. This lets the appropriate text for any particular register be inserted on to the appropriate camera.

VRX posts new website, completely redesigned from the ground up to provide our customers the latest information about our products.

VRX Company Inc. has applied for first Provisional Patent.
VRX Company has applied for and received acknowledgment of receipt by the United States Patent And Trademark Office of our first Provisional Patent Application. This Provisional Patent application is for our new Area Trigger feature. This feature works with advanced motion sensing available in some newer DVRs. Some newer DVRs allow for the motion sensing to triggered recording only if motion occurs within a selected area in the image. Our new feature works with such DVRs by protecting the trigger area of video against motion of people, animals or traffic by inserting a region of black image. Then when the text inserter detects an event, such as a VOID, text is inserter into the protected area of the video. The sudden text appearance triggers the motion sensing of the DVR. This feature lets the store owner, or manager, find video for the key events easily. The Area Trigger Feature (Patent Pending) will be available in most versions of future software.



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