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The VR2004 Text inserter can be programmed to recognize four short key words. The VR2004 can be configured so that
when the key word is recognize it can change the electrical state on pins of the Parallel Output connector. With the use of a
suitable DB25 cable or DB25 to RJ45 cable, an installer can connect these signals to the alarm input(s) of many DVRs (Digital
Video Recorders). The installer must examine the alarm connections on the DVR and determine the required cabling.  Many DVRs can develope a data base of recorded video "alarms" associated with key words. The use can used these alarms to jump to a video of a transaction to review it. We call this funcationality ALARM2TRANSACTION™.

Key Words
There are no universal key words used by POS (Point of Sale system). The key words for each POS type can be
programed with the VRXLOADER, a program which runs on a Windows® computer and is provided free by the VRX Company
Inc. The key words are limited to four short words of seven characters maximum. Typical, useful, key words might be “VOID”,
“NO SALE”, “REFUND”, “ERROR”. The owner or end user of the POS must identify the key words which the POS provides.
Do this by looking at the Pole Display or Journal Printer output. By prearrangement, the VRX Company Inc. can program the key
words provided by the end user prior to delivery but cannot guarantee what key words the POS may provide if any.

DB25_RJ45_ALARM Adapter for VR2004
You can build this adapter yourself from the information provided in the install sheet below or buy it from us.

Software Version
For full functionality of this feature the software in the Text Inserter should be upgraded to version 1.32 or newer. Because incompatibility may occur, before upgrading the software record all the information of the original software so that if an incompatibility occurs we can provide you with software to restore your configuration.  Instructions and upgrade software can be down loaded from DOWNLOAD LINK.

DB25_RJ45_ALARM adapter kit for ALARM2TRANSACTION™

adapter: Buy Now PRICE $25.00

I agree to all terms, and am ready to buy now.

Items Included:
  1. DB25 to RJ45 adatper wired for ALARM2TRANSACTION
  2. CAT5 Cable
  3. Install Sheet
DB25_RJ45_ALARM adapter
                            for ALARM2TRANSACTION feature.Short CAT5 cable.
Items in kit.
Install Sheet for an adapter for
Install Sheet

Kit Application Requirements:

NOTE: Please verify that your DVR supports alarm inputs suitable for  capturing transaction events.
Purchaser Must be Able to Program DVR.
The purchaser is responsible for installing the alarm connections and programing the DVR. For a fee, VRX Company Inc. can provide technical support for the DVR connection and setup but cannot guarantee results for a DVR which is not our product. Call 866-543-8398 to arrange for technical support.

Some Key Words in Our Kits

Key Words for Ruby All Journal Kit

On Ruby, Topaz, Ruby 2, and Ruby CI terminals set for a COM port as Virtual Journal Printer aka DVR Interface, we have identified these key words:
  • VOID
As programed 25, Nov 2015:
Key Words for Alarm on Text Insertion,
                          Ruby / Topaz / Verifone

Key Words for Passport Kit (Pole Display)

On Passport Point of Sale customer pole display, we have identified these key words, and we also added "LOTTO" to flag lottery sales.

  • $-
  • VOID

As programed 25, Nov 2015:
Key Words for Alarm on Text
                            Insertion, Passport

Key Words for SHARP PDS Kit (ER-A4xx)

On Sharp ER-A410 and ER-A420 ECRS, we have identified these key words:
  • 0.00
  • R-
  • V-
As programed 25, Nov 2015:
Key Words for Alarm on Text Insertion,
                          Sharp PDS

Key Words for CORNER STORE POS, Special Request.

On Corner Store use Logic Controls kit but order special setup file: CornerStore_LogicControls_2LINEPOLE.ee
We have identified these key words:
  • AL:0.00
  • :-
As programed 25, Nov 2015:
Key Words for Alarm on Text Insertion,
                          Corner Store POS

Key Words for Radian P702 Display at Dunkin

On a Radian Customer Display model P702 in a Dunkin Donuts application, we have identified these key words:
  • VOID
  • (
As programed 25, Nov 2015:
Key Words for Alarm on Text Insertion,
                          P702 at DUNKIN

Instructions for Key Word Capture

This document describes the methods to manage key words for the Alarm feature of the VR2003 and VR2004. These examples are from the VR2004 but the VR2003 correspond  closely however there are no jumpers to remove on the VR2003 and may not work on some units.
Key Words Set and Capture Procedure

There will be a 15% restock fee for incorrect orders, so please check your application before you order.
These kits contain the items you typically need to interface to the cash register or POS system for which the kits are designed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check for acceptable placement of the Text Inserter with the power supply, and cable(s) provided and to adapt cables or provide cables of unusual length for their particular application.
Unless noted, price includes shipping to the lower 48 states, UPS ground.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is extra. We do not ship to a PO Box. Orders accepted subject to product availability. Orders are general accepted M-F except holidays. Orders received after 12:00 Eastern Time generally ship the next day.

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